Will Marijuana / Cannabis make me anxious?

A few things to say here. First, about the marijuana strain. In general, if you have issues with anxiety, Indicas or Indica-hybrids (hybrid that has more indica than sativa) are going to be your jam. Those strains are more relaxing, calming, and soothing. That does not mean you need to stay away from Sativas completely. It’s just that Sativas, in general, are more intense in regard to energy and mind stimulation. That being said, there are mellow Sativas that you will find you prefer much better to some Indicas or Indica Hybrids. The reason? For some people the weight of a pure Indica is just too heavy and they want a lighter relaxation. Also, while there are general rules on how certain strains are supposed to make you feel, each person gets impacted differently. If a certain strain makes you uncomfortable or gives you a lot of anxiety, then stay away from that strain.

Second, if you’re new to marijuana, then there is going to be some degree of anxiousness. If you don’t know what it feels like to be “high” then you are going to feel new sensations that might take some getting used too. Also, with alcohol so prominent in society today, someone puking in the toilet because they’ve had “one too many” is often not a cause for too much alarm. That’s because a lot of us have either been there ourselves or seen others over the toilet and usually they are walking around the next day. The population is generally much less familiar with cannabis.

This sometimes results in people freaking out over new sensations and calling the hospital when they are actually completely fine. It isn’t that marijuana is some bigger thrill to experience, it’s because of ignorance about marijuana relative to alcohol.

Example: A police officer eats too many pot brownies, freaks out and calls 911.
Time is going really really slow….

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