Is Marijuana / Cannabis safe to try?

Enjoying cannabis is partly about putting yourself in a relaxing state of mind. It is challenging to have a relaxing experience if you’re nervous about how a drug is going to impact your body. So let’s address the question of safety right off the bat. Research from the scientific community is not abundant on marijuana because of its historical classification as an illegal substance. However, we can set some reasonable goal posts to get smarter. First, let’s look at how toxic marijuana is relative to other recreational drugs through a simple ratio:

Higher Ratio = LESS TOXIC

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The graph below displays this ratio of “fatal dose” to “effective dose” for a variety of recreational drugs. Using alcohol as an example, a couple shots will give most people a “buzz”, but drink 10x that over a very short time period and you could be in serious health danger. The higher the ratio, then the harder it is to “overdose” on the drug. Graph incoming!

The Atlantic: Drugs and Toxicity
American Scientist

Notice “heroin” at the bottom with the lowest ratio of 5x. Over doing it to a relatively small degree can be fatal. Alcohol, is only slightly better at 10x and worse than codeine, MDMA, and even cocaine at 15x. Up at the top sits marijuana. It is so difficult to overdose from marijuana poisoning that it doesn’t happen. Honerable mention to nutmeg for making the list.

Takeaway, you aren’t going to overdose on marijuana by trying it out. If you have had a beer or a glass wine, marijuana is far less toxic to your body. But you must dose properly, especially with edibles! More on this in another post.

For now, lets disclaim that long-term continued use of any substance, including marijuana, will have health consequences. Know that most forms of marijuana will impact your reaction time. As a starting point, anything you wouldn’t do while or after drinking alcohol, you shouldn’t do while or after consuming marijuana. I say “starting point” b/c if you drink any alcohol, then you have a tolerance to it whereas you won’t with marijuana.

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