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What is vaporizing and how do you vaporize Marijuana or Cannabis?

Vaporizing is heating the marijuana to a level where the active ingredients (THC or CBD cannabinoids for example) are vaporized so that they can be inhaled. Vaporizing is an excellent way to enjoy marijuana because you inhale a lot less of the things you don’t want to inhale. You’ll need a device to help youContinue reading “What is vaporizing and how do you vaporize Marijuana or Cannabis?”

What are joints, pipes, and bongs? (Marijuana / Cannabis)

These are probably the quickest way to get going if you have some buds and the way you’re likely to encounter marijuana that isn’t yours out in the world. We’ll knock them down one by one. Joints: Break up some marijuana, wrap it up with some rolling paper and a crutch rolled up at oneContinue reading “What are joints, pipes, and bongs? (Marijuana / Cannabis)”

Will Marijuana / Cannabis make me anxious?

A few things to say here. First, about the marijuana strain. In general, if you have issues with anxiety, Indicas or Indica-hybrids (hybrid that has more indica than sativa) are going to be your jam. Those strains are more relaxing, calming, and soothing. That does not mean you need to stay away from Sativas completely.Continue reading “Will Marijuana / Cannabis make me anxious?”


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