Sativa vs Indica: What’s the difference?

Sativa: Makes you “high”, happy, energetic Indica: Makes you “stoned”, relaxing, mellow Hybrid: Combination

In general, Sativas are more uplifting and energetic. They will make you laugh or can help trigger creativity. Sativas are described as being “heady” as the sensations will likely occur more in your head, neck and, upper back and shoulders.

Indicas on the other hand are mellow and tend to give you a sensation of relaxation and a comfortable weight on body. An indica strain can act as a pain killer, appetite stimulant, sleep aid or help with anxiety. Personal Note: Since I am a very high-energy, fairly anxious individual, 90% of what I consume is Indica. It’s calming relaxation effects are my primary objective.

Hybrids are just that, Sativa and Indica plants cross-bred together so you get a balance of both. For example, you might use a hybrid when you need to treat pain, but you want to avoid feeling too relaxed or sleepy as you might with a full Indica. Some hybrids are a great combo of relaxing and mentally stimulating so you get a kick of mental energy, but also something that will help with anxiety and relax your body.

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